Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre

Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre

Born in Monaco , Marie- Laure de Clermont -Tonnerre, pursued her studies in Paris , where she obtained a Masters of Business Law and Economics (Assas) and integrates Sciences Po Paris (graduated in 1995).

Literary Director for the movie production house Fabienne Servan- Schreiber (Cinétévé), she initiated and developped fictional projects for television and film. She later joined Simone Harari (Télé Images) where she participated in the creation of a subsidiary (Télé Images Creations) .

Upon moving to Geneva for family reasons in 1999 , she collaborated with the " Festival Cinema Tout Ecran " for 2 years: accomplishments included the establishment of a film market and various conferences reflecting upon the interplay between television and cinema. She was also the director of Section 1 Films, sat on the selection board. As a journalist , she writes freelance for various magazines (Gala , Bilan , Geneva On The Earth , The French Film...).

In 2008 , she was elected for 5 years as a committee member of the Society of Friends of the Museum of Art and History in Geneva. In this context, she organizes private collection visits for patrons of the Museum in Switzerland or abroad, and contributes to the development and reclamation of the museum's cultural funds.

She is involved in various charitable organizations in Switzerland and France . Member of the honorary committee of the Swiss Red Cross, she is looking for sponsors and partnership ideas to raise funds . From 2004 to 2007 , Ms. Giscard d'Estaing , Founder of the Foundation for Children , asked Marie-Laure to chair and develop the junior committee of the Night Children. She also became a member of the honorary committee as active support for the development of the association " Heart for All", led by Professor Kalangos in Geneva.

In 2007 , she and her husband created the Jean-François & Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre Foundation, whose main goal is access to education for disadvantaged children, youth and students. Notably, the Foundation provides a 4 year student scholarship for the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, under the Agnès B award.

In 2011 , she returned as secretary of the Zao Wou -Ki Foundation based in Geneva.

In March 2012 , she published " Personalized Medicine, Restore and Maintain Health" (Editions Odile Jacob) after a two-year investigation with general practitioner , Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz and his team of doctors. « La médecine personnalisée, retrouver et garder la santé »

In April 2012, she produced another work: " Hear Yourself All Year, Naturally " (Editions Prat) a publication that exceeded 50,000 copies. « Se soigner toute l’année au Naturel »

Very interested in interior design , she organizes luncheons with the magazine " Elle Décor " at the Pavilion of Art and Design, home to collectors or gallery owners; bringing together major players.

Additionally, Marie-Laure holds the title of “Patron of the Design Group” at the Museum of Decorative Arts .

In February 2013, she was elected for a three year term to the Board of Directors of the Tokyo Art Club and the Friends of the Palais de Tokyo. Fondation Cartier requested that she join the group "Living Colour ".

Since January 2013, she has resumed her writing activities for a new book commissioned by Editions Prat , scheduled for release in September 2014.