Jean- François and Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Brussels.

The purpose of the Foundation, founded in 2009, is to promote access to education and culture for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The foundation operates through the funding of scholarships from schools and universities in various countries, France, United Kingdom, India.                    

The foundation also aims to support contemporary artistic creation and the preservation of heritage.


The Jean-François and Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre Foundation of public interest aims to:


Promote art and culture, especially those of young creators;

Promote the training of young people from developing countries especially from countries where education and its promotion as well as promotion of culture are insufficient; Support artistic and cultural philanthropic projects; Enhance artistic heritage in all its aspects: musical, visual, cinematographic, literary...


In order to achieve its aims, the Foundation has, amongst others, the following activities:

The Foundation provides grants to young people from developing countries to enable them to get into a French-speaking university or a French-speaking higher education establishment to then allow them to apply their training in their country;

Each year, it organizes calls for artistic projects in the field of literature, visual art or audio visual and selects one or more artistic projects for which it provides all or part of the financing;


The Foundation meets associations or people on the initiative of philanthropic projects in activities related to its own.

It carries out all activities likely to promote directly or indirectly the achievement of its projects, in particular by providing assistance and addressing any similar activity, by collaborating or affiliating with organizations which follow a similar aim, by organizing a permanent reflection, exchanges of ideas and the dissemination of information and by informing cultural and artistic circles and schools of developing countries of its projects;

It takes part as a partner in French-speaking cultural events and seeks the financial means necessary to the achievement of its goals.